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Data Science for Beginners

I found this book extremely useful for anyone looking to dive into the field of data science. The author explains complex concepts in a simple manner, with concrete examples.

Fakher Eddine

Computer Security: Principles and Practices

As an IT security professional, I found this book indispensable. It thoroughly covers the fundamental principles of security, but goes beyond by discussing the latest threats and best defense practices.


Artificial Intelligence: Concepts and Applications

This book provides an excellent introduction to artificial intelligence without sacrificing the depth of explanations.

Karim Farag

Blockchain Explained

This book dispelled my confusions about blockchain technology. The author managed to explain the fundamental principles of blockchain concisely and accessibly, while exploring its potential applications beyond cryptocurrencies.

Khalid Farag

Modern Web Development with JavaScript

"Modern Web Development with JavaScript" is an essential companion for anyone working in web development. The author covers the latest technologies and best practices.


Data Science

Data Science for Beginners

Computer Security

Computer Security: Principles and Practices

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence: Concepts and Applications


Blockchain Explained



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